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灵幻新娘无弹窗_灵幻新娘最新章节_小说全文阅读 灵幻新娘无弹窗_灵幻新娘最新章节_小说全文阅读 ,日本少妇杉原杏璃金色性感内衣风韵动人 日本少妇杉原杏璃金色性感内衣风韵动人


Administration & Production
Ravikatu 2
30420 Forssa

灵幻新娘无弹窗_灵幻新娘最新章节_小说全文阅读 灵幻新娘无弹窗_灵幻新娘最新章节_小说全文阅读 ,日本少妇杉原杏璃金色性感内衣风韵动人 日本少妇杉原杏璃金色性感内衣风韵动人  

Thanks to the rapid development of safety glass technology, glass can be used in buildings in a very versatile manner. The flat safety glass products of Tambest Glass Solution are of top quality, and the company's product range belongs to the most versatile ones on the market. Thanks to the versatile production lines and our competent staff, we are able to manufacture very advanced and challenging safety glass products also with very short delivery times, when necessary.

When necessary, we consult our customers in the specification of the technical details related with the glass structures as early as at the bidding stage. Therefore, the final offer is often tailored based on this consultation. 

Laminated safety glass

A laminated safety glass consists of the minimum of two glass plates with an elastic plastic film laminated in between them. The film is melted in between the glasses under high pressure and temperature. The safety characteristics of laminated glass are based on the elastic plastic film in between the glasses, keeping the broken pieces of glass together – a laminated glass pane remains in its frames, penetration is prevented, and the risk of injuries is reduced considerably thanks to the laminating process. Laminating does not affect the optical qualities of glasses.

In addition to personal safety, laminated glass is used in locations where protection is needed e.g. against breaking in, vandalism, shooting etc. external threats. In those cases multi-layered glasses equipped with thick PVB films are used.

Tambest Glass Solution offers their customers the most versatile range of laminated safety glasses available on the market. The laminating of glasses takes place in clean rooms, to ensure the faultlessness of glasses. The maximum size of glasses to be laminated is 2600 x 4800 mm. Bigger sizes, up to the size 3210 x 6000 mm are also possible as special deliveries.
You can take a look at the product range consisting of laminated safety glasses below.

Coloured glasses

Coloured glasses are used first of all to provide the building an impressive look. When a certain hue is being looked for, it is possible to use coloured films, coloured glasses or combinations of them. Thanks to the wide range of coloured films and glasses, we are able to offer a really great number of different colour variations.

Sound insulating glasses

In compliance with its name, sound insulating glass is being used to improve the sound insulation of a building project. Laminated safety glass is always sound insulating; nevertheless, the sound insulation can be improved using thicker laminating foils, a custom-built Sound Control film and thicker glasses. The sound insulating glasses manufactured by Tambest Glass Solution have top qualities.

Burglar-proof glasses

In compliance with its name, the purpose of use of a burglar-proof glass is to prevent breaking in through the glass. Thanks to its quality, burglary prevention glasses provide an excellent solution for protecting business premises and valuable buildings. The burglar-proof glasses manufactured by Tambest Glass Solution are tested and type approved. They belong to the most esteemed products in the market of burglar-proof glasses.


SentryGlass laminating foil is used in locations where extreme qualities are being demanded from the laminated safety glass, however, with the desire of maintaining the light weight of the glass structure. Thanks to its special qualities described above, the SentryGlass is particularly favoured by shipbuilding industry.

Tempered safety glass

The strength of tempered safety glass is based on the thermal treatment applied to the glass. The glass is heated to the temperature of approx. 650 °C, when the glass becomes softer and tensions disappear. After that, the glass is cooled rapidly, when a constant compression stress remains on the surface of the glass, and a constant tensile stress in the middle part.

The strength of tempered glass is increased approx. from three- to five-fold compared with untreated glass. The safety characteristics of tempered glass are emphasized also when the glass is broken, when it breaks into small fragments without causing bigger wounds when getting into skin contact.

The most important stage in the tempering of safety glass is to make the optical qualities of the glass to remain unaltered. In the tempering process applied by Tambest Glass Solution the glass is being heated in two phases partly by means of circulating air, when the optics of the glass remain as ideal. The importance of distortion free optical surface is emphasized in large reflecting glass surfaces.

The design is often based on the increasing need for bigger glass surfaces, concealed fixing and structures applied without casement and framework. Thanks to better durability, safety and bigger glass sizes, tempered safety glass is the only reasonable alternative for these challenging structures. The maximum size of tempered glasses is 2440 x 4500 mm.

The tempered safety glass manufactured by Tambest Glass Solution represents the absolute top in the line.

Tempered laminated safety glass

The mechanical durability and tolerance of temperature differences, characteristic of tempered safety glass as well as the qualities of laminated safety glass, binding fragments and burglar resistance, can be achieved simultaneously by combining two types of safety glass. Among other things, canopies, balustrades, panorama elevators and glass structures at main entrances are often realized using tempered and laminated safety glass.

The laminated tempered safety glass produced as the result of the cooperation of our laminating and tempering lines belongs to the highest rank of safety glasses, as far as installability and optics are concerned.

Other flat safety glasses

The wide product range offered by Tambest Glass Solution contains also a great number of other flat safety glasses. These include e.g. patterned glasses, fire retardant glasses, heat-strengthened glasses etc. 


Production and production machinery

  • Production premises of approx. 10 500 m²
  • Flat laminating line, with the maximum size of 2600 x 4500.
  • Flat tempering furnace, with the maximum size of 2400 x 4200 mm.
  • Several bending furnaces for annealed and laminated glasses (maximum size 3200 x 6000 mm)
  • Two bending and tempering furnaces (maximum size 2400 x 4200 mm)
  • Several vertical and horizontal grinding machines.
  • Several automated grinding and drilling lines.
  • Three CNC machine tools (maximum size of 2600 x 5000 mm)
  • Insulating glass production unit for curved glasses, with the maximum size of 6000 x 3210 mm.
  • Four automated glass cutting lines.
  • Two autoclaves, with the maximum size of 6000 x 3210 mm.
  • Sandblasting line, with the maximum size of 2400 x 6000 mm. (blasting height 2000mm)
  • Machining unit for aluminium structures.
灵幻新娘无弹窗_灵幻新娘最新章节_小说全文阅读 灵幻新娘无弹窗_灵幻新娘最新章节_小说全文阅读 ,日本少妇杉原杏璃金色性感内衣风韵动人 日本少妇杉原杏璃金色性感内衣风韵动人  

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